Let’s hear from the staff

Every person has carries a unique perspective that shines through but getting to know the staff at Club Fiji really made me want to write about their dedication and commitment that they put into this resort.


Meet Senitiki Biwai

Senitiki has worked for Club Fiji for more than 13 years and always seems to exudes a positive, friendly vibe serving cold drinks at the bar that just seem to feel perfect on a really warm day.

I was interested as to why Senitiki stuck with Club Fiji after all these years and so I asked him why he enjoyed working at Club Fiji. His answer really sold me on what Club Fiji is all about.


“Some staff come and after some time they leave to work at one of the larger resorts. I have stayed however because of the family feel this place has. I’ve worked here for 13 years I have been able to watch how the resort and staff have grown and developed together. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it”


Senitiki is chock full of character. If you feel like an ice cold drink…. Or maybe you want to try some Kava or perhaps you just want to enjoy a nice conversation from someone who lives thousands of miles away, why not head over to the bar and meet the staff. You will feel most at home.

Meet Cookie

Cookie is another dedicated member of the Club Fiji staff that has also worked with the resort for 13 years. Cookie also saw the resort staff as a ‘family’ and watching the resort grow only strengthened his love and commitment for the resort and its people. Cookie has a size and presence that always seems larger than life. With a name like Cookie, you can pretty much guarantee that he’s going be a social beast. I mean let’s face it, do you know anybody with the name cookie who isn’t cool?

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