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Fiji has 320 islands scattered across the south west side of the Pacific Ocean. This crosses the 180th meridian between 15 and 19 degrees south of the Equator. Out of the 320 islands, 105 islands are inhabited. The main island of Fiji Island is populated with approximately 850,000 people and it is expected to rise every year. The time zone that is used here in Fiji is GMT +12.   The two largest islands in Fiji are known as Viti Levu and Vanua Levu and these two islands comprise of 85% of the total land mass. Taveuni, which is located close to Vanua Levu, is the third largest island in Fiji. This place has most of the beautiful tropical forests in Fiji. The international dateline runs across Taveuni. The rest of the islands are divided into four smaller groups which are know as the Mamanuca, the Yasawa Group of islands, the Lomaiviti islands and the Lau Group. The Capital of Fiji Islands is Suva which is located in the south eastern side of Viti Levu. The Nadi International Airport is the main entry for passengers who are traveling in airplanes. Then there is the Nausori Airport that now also gets international flights. There are many islands which are untouched and have beautiful reefs, lagoons, harbors and vegetation. The oceanic environment is itself in its own ecological niche where you get to experience the beautiful coral reefs and deep pelagic areas. There are a lot of gorgeous islands, each with their own distinctive features.

Fiji has a blend of various cultures and religions because of the distinct nature of the people itself. The types of religion found here in Fiji are Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhism and other religion. This blend of cultures and religion is what makes Fiji unique in its own senses.
Why come to Fiji?

Any person who wants to have a quiet, relaxing and enjoyable holiday wouldn’t dream of not choosing Fiji islands as one of their holiday destinations. The beautiful tropical weather, the warming smiles, the unique culture and the unforgettable environment is all that you need to have a relaxed time here in Fiji. The serene environment all around the islands of Fiji is so breathtaking that you will want to come down to Fiji every opportunity that you will get.

The best way to enjoy Fiji is through exploring the whole islands all around. Exploring the waters, the beaches, learning about the village life of Fiji, the islands and what it offers you when you come down to Fiji. The waters will offer you to swim with the sharks, the dolphins, the Manta rays and all the colorful assortment of the fishes. The gorgeous corals will awe you in surprise as you swim or snorkel around the waters of Fiji. The Yasawa islands, the Mamanuca Islands and all these other places have so much to offer you.

With the activities such as Bird Watching, visiting the cultural centers, cycling, sailing, diving, hiking, horse riding, island hopping, sea kayaking, playing golf, sky diving, snorkeling, surfing, visiting village, white water rafting and windsurfing. So these are few of the things that you can look forward to when you are here in Fiji.

There are accommodation places which provide you with packages that are cost efficient and great for all the family to enjoy or just even you and you partner to enjoy.