About Club Fiji

The perfect seclusion vacation destination

Club Fiji was developed starting in 1989 . The owner, who still operates the resort, purchased the cane land in 1989 The land was not being used for cane production and was unfortunately run down and in a mess.

The Cane land was rezoned for resort operation and was filled and cleaned up. There was no vegetation of any kind, all of the plants and trees on the resort have been hand planted. 15 large coconut trees were trucked in at the start of operations and then we proceeded to plant out the six acres, as well as earth moving equipment to shape the beach.

The resort opened for guests in 1991. The resort has steadily increased in size from an initial 24 rooms to 60. Improvements include 2 Family Bures, 2 normal bures, and JB’S Pizza restaurant and bar and Apartment on the second floor. Our second swimming pool was completed in 2019 and our 3 storey complex housing 30 new rooms opened in 2022 Club Fiji was hit with 2 devastating floods in 2009 and 2012. 

Culminating in 8 bures and JB’S collapsing. 3 acres of land was lost being washed out to sea. Fortunately the bures and JB’s were able to be lifted and restored. We were not so lucky with a two storey concrete building housing 8 deluxe villas near the beach that was destroyed the resort was closed for 22 months due to covid however with luck and perseverance we managed to re open in December 2021.

Fortunately, we have had incredible support and high occupancy for the last 12 months. We are continuing to improve the resort investing large sums on maintenance and improvements to make Club Fiji as pleasant an experience as we can.

We are proud, that apart from our owner, all of Club Fiji’s staff, 44 in total are all Fijian Nationals . Our Motto is to serve our guests as our family and show our true friendliness a special part of Fijian Culture.