Wedding Packages in Fiji

Getting married at Club Fiji is a very special and stress free event.

We cater for people who want a pleasant and scenic outdoor wedding without extra fuss and extravagance. Many couples enjoy a peaceful ceremony on their own, others have friends and relatives with them. We also find that many married couples choose wedding packages to renew their vows, sometimes as a surprise for their wives or husbands, or on the spur of the moment.

We do not have a chapel so we ask you to choose your setting, be it poolside, a garden setting or a ceremony on the beach. A bridal archway is beautifully decorated with different coloured native flowers and placed over Fijian mats. You will join with the minister under the archway as he conducts your marriage ceremony.  Our staff form a small choir, they have lovely voices and will sing Fijian songs of joy as soon as vows have been exchanged. After signing and having the Marriage Register witnessed, the boys will invite you to sit with them for a short time to give you their blessing. You can accept a bowl of Yaqona (traditional drink) if you wish. Your champagne is ready for your toast and wishes for a great life together.

The ceremony will be organised by our Club Fiji staff. All you will need to do is organise your wedding attire from Sulus (Fijian skirt), Scottish kilts, shorts or suits. As for the bride , a beautiful wedding dresses or informal wear. Hey, we are having you being married on the beachside in Fiji so it’s all fine and easy. We will provide a bouquet and head garland with beautiful tropical flowers for the bride.

You will also need to come with one of our Club Fiji staff to town to get your marriage certificate and that is about all you have to do. Oops forgot, you will have to decide on your evening meal.



  • Kokoda Ceviche – Traditional dish of citrus cured wahoo and octopus in a coconut salsa
  • Seafood Dynamite – Grilled prawns, mussels, scallops and fish on a papaya salad & mild chilli aioli
  • Coconut Arancini – Golden coconut-crumbed mushroom risotto, moca baigani relish & balsamic  reduction


  • Ta Vaka Utona – Fijian chicken breast filled with brie cheese & papaya with kumala mash, local moca and fruit salsa
  • Ika Kei na Ura – Pan seared pakapaka fish & tiger prawns on dalo with bele and lemon grass infused coconut sauce
  • Vuda Pork – Pork loin rolled with rourou, served with market greens, baked potato and tamarind glaze


  • Caramel Ice Cream with Chocolate Fudge and Honeycomb
  • Fresh Fruit Salad with choice of Ice Cream
  • White Chocolate Cheesecake with Boysenberry Sauce



  • Choice of attire
  • Birth Certificate
  • If Divorced, Certificate of Divorce


Total Cost for Wedding Package: F$1999 approx AUD 1199
*The package is inclusive of professional photography and you will receive an album with
36 pictures. You can also have your ceremony photographed this is an additional cost .



Cost: $1175 per person  approx. AUD 693 per person
*Includes 25% discount over all costs


Our Honeymoon package includes 6 nights accommodation in a Beachfront Bure .

We have put the package together with massage and two tours so you have plenty of time to unwind and spend time relaxing with your partner. You can easily organise your budget knowing you will need only extra for shopping, lunch and beverage.



  1. Meals
    Full American breakfast and 5 Dinners. You can choose anything from the full A La Carte Menu Entrée and Main or Main and Dessert. You can also choose to try dinner from theme nights being Wed Taco night, Friday Mongolian BBQ and Sunday beach BBQ.


  1. Massage
    Enjoy being pampered with our full 4-hour massage by the beach with the cool tropical


  1. Dinner Cruise
    Have a romantic dinner aboard “Captain Cook” vessel cruising Nadi.


  1. Day trip inclusive of Lunch
    Day trip to Vuda Marina. Enjoy the lovely bar and restaurant on the edge of the reef.  A charming spot which is not crowded.


  1. Free Transfers and Congratulatory bottle of Champagne